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La Pierre-Saint-Martin 2015

2015 Tour de France in the Pyrenees. New rumours would indicate that the route of the 2015 Tour de France...

September 25, 2014


New Climbs for Tour de France

New Climbs Tour de France With the Tour de France route for 2015 to be announced next month, I had a look...

September 23, 2014

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Tour de France 2015 in the Pyrénées.

Tour de France 2015 Pyrenees Updated 25th September. Most of what I said below has proved to be wrong. Rumours...

September 23, 2014


Flying With Your Bike

Flying With A Bike Flying with your bike can be a hassle or perhaps even a nightmare. The internet...

September 20, 2014


Col de Couraduque

Col de Couraduque Col de Couraduque is a cross-country ski station in Val d'Azun. It is a really great...

September 14, 2014


Hautacam 100

Hautacam 100 6th September 2014. Today was my 60th ride.   Now that the busiest...

August 24, 2014